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Order Status Board

On the Mark Solutions’ order status board allows customers to know the status of their order. Order tracking can be sent through SMS updates or simply tracked within the establishment and displayed on a screen in the pick up area. Especially useful in quick service restaurants customers love to know how soon their order will be ready, this creates that possibility. OTMS’ order status board improves the efficiency of operations.This system also uses a rear-facing display when ordering that can display marketing material to increase sales.

How it works

Using a rear-facing customer display order status board allows the customer to enter their phone number in order to receive SMS updates while their order is being prepared. The system can send updates at many points throughout the order process – purchase, preparation, cooking and pick up. “Headless” mode allows for the SMS capability without the need for a customer facing screen at the pickup location.

This system tracks resident activity and stores it in a database for admin viewing. Admins have the ability to change the number of meals residents have comped.

The order status board system works by watching the POS for all new checks being processed and uses configurable workflow to track how an order moves through the production flow. The tracking allows for the multiple updates at different stages of readiness.

The displays can be used for marketing purposes by triggering different images and video based on the items being ordered and time of day. This allows you to effectively target your customers with marketing that is not just appropriate to the current menu but also based on their order. The media displayed can range from deals or combo specials offered by the establishment to suggestions for sides to buy along with your main dish.